Eugene Kolb is a filmmaker and animator based in Brooklyn, NY.  Originally from Ukraine, he moved to the US in the late 90's and learned English by watching countless subtitled American and foreign films with his family.  He enjoys experimenting with different styles and methods of visual storytelling, often employing a mixed-media approach to his work. 
His first short film, A Subway Story, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and debuted online as a Vimeo Staff Pick.  His second short film, Fridge, won the Audience Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival and received a Vimeo Staff Pick. 
In 2018 he spent some time teaching animation at the University of the Arts. 
Commercially, he works as an animator primarily in stop-motion and 2D animation.  Other services offered include design, editing, compositing, fabrication, illustration, and videography. 
Eugene wants to say that he doesn't typically write about himself in the 3rd person, but he was told it sounded a lot more professional.  
He encourages you to reach out for work inquiries, collaboration opportunities or simply to say hello! 
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